naturalHazard_grayWe know how to quantify, measure, assess the risks of, and map the potential impacts of wildfires, earthquakes, floods, and tsunamis. Our Natural Hazards Team specializes in completing detailed risk assessments for natural hazards and will work with you to provide quantitative, science-based answers to questions such as: How much of your ownership or infrastructure is exposed to the risk to high severity wildfire or flood events? What is the value of the natural resources and assets at risk? Can this risk be mitigated by implementing various management actions? What are the ecological and economic costs and benefits to mitigating this risk? We’ll work directly with your organization to answer these questions at parcel, project, and landscape scales depending on the types of resources and assets at risk. We bring world-class expertise to wildfire risk and hazard assessment, mitigation, emissions modeling, and other original research. We’ve completed wildfire hazard assessments on large landscapes, such as the Lake Tahoe Basin, and other public and privately owned forest lands in the Sierra Nevada, California. In addition, we model fire weather, climate change scenarios, determine risk to buildings and infrastructure, and provide original research, expert witness, and other fire related science support. We are ready to assist you in the following areas:

Wildfire Risk and Hazard Assessment

  • Wildland Urban Interface and wildland wildfire hazard and risk quantification
  • Climate change and wildfire weather modeling
  • Forest and wildfire risk management scenario analysis
  • Wildfire and forest condition status and trend monitoring

Wildfire Emissions and Weather Modeling

  • Wildfire emission modeling
  • High resolution weather scenario modeling
  • Forest carbon vulnerability assessments

Original Research, Policy, and Litigation Support

  • Literature synthesis, data analysis and preparation of scientific papers and presentations
  • Peer-review
  • Expert witness

Forest Inventory and Monitoring

  • Vegetation, timber, and fuels inventory design, training, and implementation
  • Short- and long-term vegetation and fuels monitoring
  • Data analysis and visualization
  • Forest growth modeling and visualization

Recent Projects – Natural Hazards


Waypoints on the Road to Resilience: Considerations for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) is working to improve socioeconomic sustainability and ecosystem resilience—together known as “socio-ecological resilience”—throughout the region.…
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Evaluating Treatment Longevity and Maintenance Needs for Fuel Reduction Projects Implemented in the Wildland Urban Interface of Plumas County, CA

Since 2002, the Plumas County Fire Safe Council has implemented over dozens of Hazardous Fuel Reduction projects, covering nearly 14,000…
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Mapping of Burn Piles Across California

SIG is working with Clere Inc and Blue Tree Analytics to map all burn piles across the State of California.…
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Prescribed Grazing and Regeneration Monitoring in the Moonlight Fire Area of the Plumas National Forest

Efforts to reduce wildland fuels and reforest stands within the Moonlight Valley (Plumas National Forest) are being made in collaboration…
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Our Team – Natural Hazards


Jason Moghaddas

Service Area Lead


Shane Romsos

Service Area Lead

Ashley Conrad-Saydah

Ashley Conrad-Saydah

Policy Specialist

Charles Maxwell

Charles Maxwell, PhD

Environmental Systems Modeler


Andrew Notohamiprodjo

Geospatial Analyst

Ian Moore

Ian Moore

Fire Ecologist

2021__David Ganz

David Ganz, PhD

Principal, Co-founder

David Saah

David Saah, PhD

Managing Principal, Co-founder