Efforts to reduce wildland fuels and reforest stands within the Moonlight Valley (Plumas National Forest) are being made in collaboration with the Forest Service, Feather River RCD, and the Stephens Lab at UC Berkeley. This area burned over a decade ago, leaving a landscape of large, dead trees and a surge in new shrub growth. This new environment not only limits the ability for the forest to naturally regenerate but also increases the risk of reburning. In fact, part of the area reburned again in the 2021 Dixie Fire. In order to help track and quantify the reforestation projects and fuel reduction treatments, in the form of prescribed grazing with goats and mechanical methods, occurring in this area, Spatial Informatics Group is partnering with the above organizations to provide high resolution drone images and 360-degree photos of the project sites. The information gathered will help support and enhance the plot level data collected by field crews and the understanding of how these treatments alter the trajectory of the forest. 

To learn more about this project, please visit Moonlight Fire Area Restoration Project – Feather River RCD (frrcd.org)