Spatial Informatics Group – Natural Assets Laboratory

The science and policy of natural assets and environmental markets are evolving rapidly and require nimble institutions to provide the innovations necessary to link economic and environmental interests. In 2012, the non-profit SIG-NAL was created to meet this need. SIG-NAL broadens the reach of the technical capacity and professional networks of Spatial Informatics Group (SIG) to create a more flexible entity with increased effectiveness in a dynamic economic and political context working for the public benefit.

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Spatial Informatics Group – Asia Pacific

Our SIG – Asia Pacific team works across Southeast Asia in countries such as Vietnam, Indonesia and Malaysia. We focus on providing technical support and training services to development aid agencies (e.g., USAID, Globel Environment Centre, Lowering Emissions in Asian Forest [LEAF] program) related to geographic information systems (GIS), climate change, sustainable land-use practices, urban planning and policy, wildfire preparedness and management, and ecosystem services (i.e., green economy). For example, our geospatial team has built a cloud based geographic information system (GIS) capable of managing geospatial data, models and products across remote and dispersed locations. Using the SIG cloud GIS hub as a node, our team of analysts works on partner’s GIS projects and support their needs remotely – bringing the data processing, spatial modelling and project delivery that is needed to inform sound land stewardship. SIG is delivering the same high quality technical environmental services in Southeast Asia that we are known for in the United States and have built a reputation on over the past 15 years.

Spatial Informatics Group – Asia Pacific contact information:

David Ganz

80 Robinson Rd, #02-00, Singapore


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