Hello Everyone,

The SIG Team hopes you, your families, and friends are all well and safe. We are all impacted by the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak. SIG has worked with our staff to make sure they and their families are prepared for voluntary isolation or mandatory quarantine. At this time, SIG continues to operate normally with the exception of a ban on staff travel and in person meetings-staff and client meetings are being held via video or phone. All of our staff work remotely and continue to make progress on SIG projects from their current locations, while abiding by local, state, and federal guidelines and rules for movement and social distancing. We realize this is a difficult time, but we look forward to continued work, collaboration, and innovation with all of you.

Our goal is to help our clients make informed management, land-use and policy decisions by converting spatial data into knowledge they can use in a world with ever-changing environmental conditions

Water Resources Management

We are specialized in quantifying water supply and demand and offer sustainable solutions to improve water resource management.

Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Remote sensing and geospatial analysis

Sustainable Cities

Knowledge informing today’s needs without compromising tomorrow’s needs

Natural Hazards

Knowledge to avoid or minimize harm to your community

Ecosystem Quantification

Forests and Agriculture

Knowledge to optimize the benefits from forests and agriculture

Forest Carbon Offsets

Knowledge that informs today’s green economy

Environmental Mapping

Knowing what’s on the ground is key for planning and prioritizing actions

Ecosystem Services

Know the value of services provided by nature

Climate Change

Knowledge to help prepare and adapt to the effects of climate change