Our goal is to help our clients make informed management, land-use and policy decisions by converting spatial data into knowledge they can use in a world with ever-changing environmental conditions

We provide GIS, remote sensing, spatial modeling, data mining, and application

development services in the following areas:

Environmental Mapping

We produce original, high-resolution land maps and web-mapping applications - inventory your land, characterize landscape conditions, model the outcomes of different land-use scenarios, and more.

Ecosystem Service Quantification

We use an emerging ecosystem framework to help you understand and quantify natural resources and evaluate trade offs when making complex decisions that affect the environment.

Forest and Agriculture Management

We develop land management strategies to help you meet goals - sequester carbon and optimize timber production, forest biomass, and water quality, while meeting regulatory standards.

Forest Carbon Offsets

We support landowners, tribes, and land trusts through every stage of their carbon development project. To date, we’ve helped landowners develop 8.3 million in carbon offsets.

Natural Hazards Risk Assessment

Through detailed wildfire modeling, we help clients quantify and map the potential impacts of wildfires, and develop risk mitigation strategies.