Collect Earth Online (CEO) Resources

Collect Earth Online (CEO) has many resources if you want to learn how to use the tool, please see these…
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Waypoints on the Road to Resilience: Considerations for the Sierra Nevada Conservancy

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) is working to improve socioeconomic sustainability and ecosystem resilience—together known as “socio-ecological resilience”—throughout the region.…
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Local Hazards Mitigation Plan

The purpose of this City of South Lake Tahoe Land Hazard Mitigation Plan (LHMP) was to identify goals, objectives, mitigation…
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Evaluating Treatment Longevity and Maintenance Needs for Fuel Reduction Projects Implemented in the Wildland Urban Interface of Plumas County, CA

Since 2002, the Plumas County Fire Safe Council has implemented over dozens of Hazardous Fuel Reduction projects, covering nearly 14,000…
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Mapping of Burn Piles Across California

SIG is working with Clere Inc and Blue Tree Analytics to map all burn piles across the State of California.…
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Prescribed Grazing and Regeneration Monitoring in the Moonlight Fire Area of the Plumas National Forest

Efforts to reduce wildland fuels and reforest stands within the Moonlight Valley (Plumas National Forest) are being made in collaboration…
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Roadmap to a Million Acres (RMA) Strategy

Spatial Informatics Group LLC (SIG) has been tasked by the Climate and Wildfire Institute (CWI) to develop an inventory of completed…
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Eastern Sierra Climate & Communities Resilience Project (ESCCRP)

Spatial Informatics Group (SIG) is working with the 55,000-acre Eastern Sierra Climate & Communities Resilience Project (ESCCRP) to help build…
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Forest Background

Effects of wild land fuel treatments located in the Highway 50 corridor in El Dorado County

Effects of wild land fuel treatments located in the Highway 50 corridor in El Dorado County on future wildfire size…
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Collective mapathon confirms TerraBio’s remote sensing approach

This post originally appeared on the website of the Partnership for the Conservation of Amazon Biodiversity (PCAB), a program of…
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Vietnam Forests and Deltas Program

Mapping the Best Sites for Forest Restoration Across the Globe

The destruction of forests hurts people and the planet, while restoring these landscapes offers profound benefits—storing carbon, improving biodiversity, purifying…
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Forest Background

Tracking Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the Tahoe Basin

“Lake Tahoe Greenhouse Gas Inventory Update” is released Spatial Informatics Group played a key role in producing the recently released…
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Land Cover & Wildlife Habitat Mapping of Western Wisconsin

The purpose of this project was to create a high-resolution land cover classification and conduct habitat gap analyses for monarch…
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Monitoring Severely Burned Redwood Forest

Project: “Year One Post-Fire Forest Monitoring and Evaluation Report for the Cascade Creek Property, Santa Cruz, California” Spatial Informatics Group…
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Community Wildfire Risk Pilot Project

Community Wildfire Risk Pilot Project for Paradise, Auburn, Nevada City, and Grass Valley, CA

The Spatial Informatics Group is working for CALFIREs Forest Health Program on a Community Wildfire Risk Pilot Project for multiple…
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2018 topobathymetric LiDAR tahoe

Lake Tahoe Aquatic Plant Monitoring Program

The Spatial Informatics Group recently worked with the Marine Taxonomic Services and Oregon State University to prepare an Aquatic Plant…
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