Regional Land Cover Monitoring System

The Regional Land Cover Monitoring System guides users in applying peer-reviewed methods and cloud computing power to produce a wide variety of high-quality land cover information products that can be updated regularly and consistently.

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Surface Water Mapping Tool

Surface water distribution changes over space and time and tracking these patterns using the this tool can provide insight into ecological structure and function, patterns of flooding and flood risk, and the impacts of infrastructure and climate.


Monarch Habitat Analysis Dashboard

This dashboard displays a high-resolution land cover classification and conducts habitat gap analyses for monarch butterflies, mallard ducks, blue-winged teal, ruffed grouse, and Karner blue butterflies in Polk County and St Croix County, Wisconsin.


Reservoir Mapping Tool

The Reservoir Mapping Tool is a resource for modeling the inundation areas of prospective dams on the Irrawaddy, Salween, Mekong, and Red River basins. The tool was generalized and published into a user-friendly responsive online GIS web application.


Historical Flood Analysis Tool

Currently, there is lack of systematic flood risk analysis through collection of local knowledge in order to inform emergency planning, which although critical, takes significant resources and can introduce bias and human error to drive planning.


Post Fire Vegetation Monitoring System

This tool uses Google Earth Engine to provide users with current and past vegetation cover areas burned by wildfire. The system allows users to instantly determine the cover of several vegetation types.


The Forest Monitoring Tool

The forest monitoring system was made in collaboration between SERVIR-SEA and the Global Land Analysis and Discovery Lab (GLAD) from University of Maryland.


Collect Earth Online

Collect Earth Online (CEO) is a custom built, open-source satellite image viewing and interpretation system developed by SERVIR, a joint NASA and USAID program.

Current Wildfire Activity Map

Current Wildfire Activity Map

This map displays up-to-date wildfire information across the United State. This map is for  informational purposes and was created using publicly available data.

CZU Lightning Complex Map

CZU Lightning Complex Map

This map is an example of rapid Normalized Burn Ratio calculated immediately after a wildfire.

North Complex 2020 Preliminary Burn Severity Map

Claremont-Bear Fire Web App

This web application presents Existing Vegetation Type from 2016 in contrast with the rdNBR.

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