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Open Positions

Spatial Informatics Group (SIG) is searching for an experienced software engineer or data scientist with proficiency in Python, SQL, and Linux. The person who fills this role can be located anywhere in the United States, or in a time zone overlapping with the US. Preference will be given to those who share our interests in issues related to climate, forest, and geospatial science. This role will support software projects for the Natural Hazards and Forest and Agriculture Carbon teams, so project/product focus will change overtime.

Spatial Informatics Group (SIG) is searching for a Science and Data Lead for the SERVIR-SEA (Southeast Asia) Program. It covers four thematic service areas empowering actors across the region to track and understand environmental changes in near real-time, and improve decision-making in relation to sustainable landscape challenges. The five thematic areas include: 1) Agriculture and Food Security, 2) Water Security, 3) Weather and Climate Resilience, 4) Ecosystem and Carbon Management, and 5) Air Quality and Health. SERVIR-SEA works in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Spatial Informatics Group is looking for a part-time Geospatial Data Manager to work remotely from Thailand. Preference will be given to candidates located in or near Chiang Mai. The successful candidate will have the necessary skills and experience to manage a diverse array of landscape and land use datasets, ensuring they are correctly formatted for map visualization purposes.