Water is a precious resource. Environmental changes, population dynamics and economic developments put increasing pressure on global water resources. Water is an essential resource for humans, food production, energy and the environment. The hidden costs of unsustainable water resource management are often not accounted for.

We are specialized in quantifying water supply and demand and offer sustainable solutions to improve water resource management. Our space based technology enables us to map water resources at both global, national and local levels. We bring world-class expertise to investigate floods, droughts, rivers, reservoir, irrigation schemes etc. We use cutting-edge technologies to deliver products, tools and capacity.

Examples of our expertise include a flood risk assessment tools, produced for the Myanmar government for emergency planning (https://floodtool-servir.adpc.net/en/). A Reservoir Mapping Tool to visualize inundation areas of prospective dams (https://webserverbkk.adpc.net/ReservoirMappingTool/) , a Satellite Radar-derived Virtual Rain and Stream Gauge Data Service that provides provides real-time rainfall and stream height (http://vrsg-servir.adpc.net/index.html) and a Regional Drought and Crop Yield Information System (https://rdcyis-servir.adpc.net/)

Water Accounting

  • Image processing
  • Land use classification
  • Quantifying and modeling water budgets
  • Hydrological modeling

Flood Mapping

  • High resolution image processing for flood mapping
  • Data integration from different sensors
  • Modeling flood risk and extent

Water Productivity and Food Security

  • Processing satellite imagery for crop yields and water use
  • Estimating water consumption and crop yields

River Basin Management

  • Integration of satellite derived data products
  • Hydrology modeling
  • Ecosystem services

Drought and Crop Yields

  • Image processing
  • Hydrological modeling

Recent Projects – Water Resource Management

Team – Water Resource Management