mapping_grayIt is difficult to manage something if you don’t know what you have. At SIG we excel at extracting actionable information from geospatial data to help resource managers and urban planners make more informed decisions. In fact, we consider our team’s Environmental Mapping capabilities as core to the other services that we provide. SIG specializes in producing original, high-resolution GIS maps of features, including trees, streams, wetlands, vegetation communities, buildings, transportation corridors, terrain, and other landscape features. Whether it’s mapping impervious surfaces, hydrography and topography in support of a storm water management program or producing individual tree stem counts for thousands of acres of forest to obtain more accurate wildfire models or for carbon accounting, SIG’s efficient mapping methods will provide you the information you need within a pre-defined budget and schedule. Contact us if you need to update your geospatial data inventory, want to characterize existing landscape conditions or need to model the outcomes of different land-use scenarios, or otherwise have a unique mapping application. We have broad expertise and are willing to explore novel mapping research. Below describes some of the services we provide.

Data Collection and Pre-processing

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but it certainly helps if you have the right picture. SIG provides a full-range of image processing services including: image acquisition planning, independent QA/QC, pan-sharpening, orthorectification, format conversion, imagery compression, LiDAR point cloud classification, and surface model generation. We help you acquire the optimal data for your project, process it to the specifications you require, and can train you on its proper use.

Feature Extraction

From high-resolution satellite images to airborne LiDAR to Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) – we live in a world where organizations are awash in remotely sensed data. SIG has some of the world’s foremost feature extraction experts. We turn your geospatial data into actionable knowledge. SIG offers a full range of feature extraction services and can customize solutions to meet your needs in both urbanized and wildland landscapes. We back up our automated processes with detailed manual review to ensure that the products you receive meet your accuracy specifications, and importantly, to be readily understood by end users and audiences.

Geospatial Data Integration

From GIS development to web-mapping applications to big data analytics, SIG can help summarize and synthesize your geospatial information so that you can make faster and more informed decisions. Our research staff have backgrounds in everything from water resources to transportation modeling to forest management and ecology. We develop products to meet the needs of a broad range of end users.

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Our Team – Environmental Mapping


Karis Tenneson, PhD

Service Area Lead

Karen Dyson

Karen Dyson, PhD

Geospatial Analyst & Urban Planner

Crystal Wespestad

Crystal Wespestad

Project Manager


John Dilger

Google Earth Engine Specialist & Analyst

Ate Poortinga

Ate Poortinga, PhD

Google Earth Engine Specialist


Travis Freed

Geospatial & Feasibility Analyst; Field/UAV Assistant


Fernanda López Ornelas

GSAL Lab Manager

Forest Drone Shot 1

Daniel Camboia

Arc Portal Administrator & ESRI Specialist

Jacob Bukoski

Jacob Bukoski

Geospatial Analyst


Keith Pelletier

Geospatial Analyst

Forest Drone Shot 1

Matt Cross


David Saah

David Saah, PhD

Managing Principal, Co-founder