Karis Tenneson

Karis Tenneson, Director of the Environmental Mapping Domain at Spatial Informatics Group, leads a team of remote sensing and sustainability scientists. With a diverse background in ecology, statistics, natural resources management, remote sensing, and GIS, Karis specializes in developing decision support tools for land use, forest biomass, biodiversity, and ecosystem services. She plays a pivotal role in providing science backstopping for local partners within the Amazonia and South East Asia SERVIR hubs. Additionally, she leads a team dedicated to capacity building in support of payment for ecosystem services programs with SilvaCarbon and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Notably, her team is now spearheading sustainability efforts in the private sector through a strategic partnership with Google, focusing on areas like supply chain management, climate risk assessment, and ESG impact monitoring. As a recognized Google Developer Expert in Earth Engine, Karis continues to lead the way in environmental mapping and sustainability through her interdisciplinary expertise and leadership, driving innovation and progress in her field.

Dr. Tenneson earned her Interdisciplinary PhD in Urban Design and Planning from the University of Washington, Seattle, specializing in spatial statistics and environmental planning. She also holds a Master’s degree in urban and regional planning and a Bachelor’s degree in biology and mathematics.

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