The Environmental Mapping team leads trainings in remote sensing all over the world. See all of our trainings listed below:

We have collaborated with FAO on the development of tools and modules comprising the OpenForis  suite of free and open source tools. The two co-developed tools include Collect Earth Online, an image  attribution platform, and SEPAL, a geospatial cloud computing platform. Collect Earth Online is a system  for viewing and interpreting high-resolution satellite imagery. It enables users to efficiently collect up-to-date information about their environment and observe changes over time. Organizations around the world  use CEO to detect deforestation, forest degradation, and other changes in the landscape.

OpenMRV is a free open-source platform providing access to forest-related MRV-support resources, such as training materials, tool manuals and technical guidance. Country documentation examples of standard operating procedures (SOPs), manuals, and calculations examples are also available.

SIG’s Luis Lizcano Sandoval is working on a SERVIR-Amazonia workshop for Colombian stakeholders. The material for this training is in Spanish, mainly, but a few classes used material in English. These trainings started in March, and will be held periodically throughout the next few months, until August 2023. The main objective of these trainings is capacity building, and they are being held in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Perú. Learn more here:

We are providing geospatial capacity building training events to governments, universities, research institutions and NGOs across the Caribbean to advance environmental decision making based on geospatial technology, information and data. This is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and is focused on two topics: mangrove monitoring using land use/cover change mapping approaches, and flood monitoring approaches that integrate climate and hydrological data. The aim is to strengthen the resilience to natural disasters of local communities.

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