Ate Poortinga

Ate Poortinga has a broad scientific profile including various scientific disciplines such as water resources management, environmental management and the application of new technologies for spatial intelligence. After obtaining his PhD degree from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, he worked for two years with Winrock International in the USAID Vietnam Forests and Deltas (VFD) program. Currently, he is employed by the Spatial Informatics Group in the SERVIR-Mekong project in Bangkok.

Ate is involved in the development of a wide variety of services and activities. These include capacity building with various governmental agencies and at the institutional level. Furthermore, he develops sophisticated cloud based data processing systems that are used in a variety of services on detecting floods, mapping deforestation hot-spots and land cover. He is currently involved in the implementation of big earth data mining and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for spatial intelligence. He has a passion for science and communicates many of his finding through scientific journals and uses his blog to share scripts, results or code snippets for anyone interested.

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