Crystal Wespestad
Crystal Wespestad is a Project Manager for SIG’s Environmental Mapping team. Crystal received a master’s degree in geographic information systems technology from the University of Arizona, where she focused on InSAR analysis and visualization of ground deformation hazards. She holds an additional master’s degree in geophysics from the University of Wisconsin – Madison, where she completed ambient noise seismic tomography research on a volcanic field in Chile in an effort to better understand its destructive potential. Her educational background also includes dual undergraduate degrees in geology and anthropology from Indiana University, Bloomington.

Before joining SIG, Crystal was a Geoinformatics Fellow and Location Lead for NASA DEVELOP. There she designed and managed applied science projects in collaboration with stakeholders, especially relating to urban heat, solar energy viability, and human-species conflicts. She has also worked as a contractor for the USGS, updating the National Seismic Hazard Model through further analysis of creeping faults in California. Coming from a background in geology, Crystal is interested in capitalizing on active and passive remote sensing technologies to look at the Earth and its environments in new ways, learning from the past to efficiently address the issues of today.

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