Matthew Meyerl

Matthew Meyerl is a wildland firefighter with over a decade of experience working for the United States Forest Service. Matthew has extensive experience working alongside state and local agencies suppressing fires in complex fuel environments throughout the country. He started out on engines and handcrews but the majority of his time was with Plumas Helitack on the Plumas National Forest. In 2019, Matthew retired from permanent employment with the Forest Service to start a small business guiding and coaching mountain bikers and other trail users. Although no longer a permanent employee, Matthew maintained his credentials and qualifications from his employment with the Forest Service. He now sets aside time every year to work with local modules to help suppression efforts when fire activity reaches critical levels. Matthew has a vast knowledge of fire systems management and the on-the-ground tactics needed to suppress, prevent and manage fires. Matthew takes pride in being a land steward and is a valued leader and organizer in his community who is dedicated to building a healthier fire environment.

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