We’re so proud of our employees and wanted to spotlight their skills, experience, and just how cool they are! Learn more about SIG employees, the work they do, and how they spend their time outside of SIG in our “Spotlight on” series

Spotlight on Kayla Johnston!

Kayla’s been a Fire and Fuels Scientist at SIG since 2022. When she’s not modeling fire effects and fire behavior, Kayla’s rescuing and training dogs!

Spotlight on Oliver Baldwin Edwards!

Oliver has been a Software Engineer at SIG since 2021. When he’s not developing PyreCast and other SIG-made tools, Oliver enjoys photography and bouldering.

Spotlight on Jarrett Barbuto!

Jarrett Barubto is a Geospatial Analyst and FAA Certified UAS Pilot working on the Natural Hazards and Forest Carbon teams. In this spotlight, Jarrett explains what he does at SIG and discusses his love for snowboarding and mountain biking.

Spotlight on Sunil Nepal!

Sunil Nepal, PhD. is a Carbon Analyst working on the Forest Carbon Offsets team. In this spotlight, Sunil tells us all about his passion for outdoor recreation!

Spotlight on Andrea McMahon!

Andrea McMahon is a Senior Scientist working on the Environmental Mapping team. In this month’s spotlight, Andrea tells us all about her passion for sustainable gardening!

Spotlight on Liz Luck!

Liz Luck is a Forest Carbon Analyst working on the Forest and Agriculture team. In this month’s spotlight, Liz tells us all about her passion for environmental science and surfing!

Spotlight on Jeff Knickerbocker!

Jeff is the head of IT at SIG and has been working here since 2012. In January’s spotlight, Jeff tells us all about his passion for computers, how he came to work for SIG, and what he likes to do when he’s off the clock.

Spotlight on Gary Johnson!

Gary is the Director of Environmental Software and Modeling at SIG and has been working here for almost 12 years. In November 2023’s spotlight, Gary tells us all about the work that goes into living in a yurt in rural Vermont, including building his own spring and harvesting firewood for his stove.

Spotlight on Anna Talucci!

Anna Talucci, Ph.D., joined SIG earlier this year as an Ecologist and Geospatial Analyst on the Environmental Mapping team. Anna is an expert in and has a diverse array of experience in wilderness education and field ecology.

Spotlight on Dawn Nekorchuk!

Dawn Nekorchuk, a Senior Scientist for the Fire Factor fuels team, joined SIG earlier this year. Dawn works with SIG’s Google Partner activities, where she’s helping create/develop a tool for calculating the burn severities of recent wildfires.

Spotlight on Carrie Levine!

Carrie Levine, who has worked at SIG since 2021, is the new co-lead for SIG’s Forest and Agriculture team! Carrie shares a little about her role at SIG, and what she likes to do when she’s off the clock. 

Spotlight on Carl Rudeen!

Carl Rudeen, a Geospatial Analyst on SIG’s Natural Hazards team, is busy preparing for the annual Hummingbird Roundup at his family’s Idaho ranch. 

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