Jarrett Barbuto joined SIG in 2017 after searching for the opportunity to leverage technology to better communities. He wanted to make a meaningful impact as well as find a place where he could constantly learn and grow. Now, Jarrett’s been a dedicated Geospatial Analyst and FAA Certified UAS Pilot at SIG for the past six and a half years.

Though SIG is a fully remote company and has been since its origins in 1998, Jarrett prefers venturing into the field rather than crunching numbers at his desk. Luckily, his work on the Natural Hazards and Forest Carbon Offsets teams allows him to travel into the field from time to time. One of Jarrett’s favorite projects at SIG was his involvement in the 2018 Aquatic Invasive Plant project, where he had the opportunity to capture drone imagery of Lake Tahoe – the place he calls home. Having completed over fifty UAS missions in the past, he was certainly up to the challenge, but he also had a lot of fun, taking pride in contributing to the preservation of Lake Tahoe’s health and natural beauty and helping his community.


Outside the office, Jarrett’s an avid mountain biker and snowboarder. He first started snowboarding over twenty years ago and living in Tahoe allows him to go frequently. Similarly, his passion for mountain biking began in 2012 when he moved to Bend, Oregon, and explored the vast trail networks in the area. Not only does he love the adrenaline rush that comes with biking and boarding, but he also relishes the opportunities to spend quality time outdoors with friends while getting a good workout. Whether he’s soaring through the skies capturing drone imagery or shredding down mountain trails, Jarrett’s a testament to the power of passion and purpose, both on and off the clock.

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