Dawn Nekorchuk, a Senior Scientist for the Fire Factor fuels team, joined SIG earlier this year. Dawn works with SIG’s Google Partner activities, where she’s helping create/develop a tool for calculating the burn severities of recent wildfires. Outside of the daily grind at SIG, Dawn recently moved to Seattle, rescued a sweetheart of a dog (Remi), and has started training in Kajukenbo at Seven Star Women’s Kung Fu school, which provides training for people who identify as women and non-binary/ genderfluid folks.

Kajukenbo is a hybrid martial art originally from Hawaii that combines techniques from karate, judo, jujitsu, kenpo, and kung fu. It is designed to be practical in real-life situations with a heavy emphasis on self-defense; its techniques are effective against both unarmed and armed offensive moves. Though she’s learned various Chinese internal and external martial arts over the years, she’s new to Kajukenbo and is excited to learn more. In the picture above, Dawn happily waves a Seven Star flag with the school logo in celebration, participating in her school’s spot marching in Seattle’s 2023 pride parade. Dawn may only be a white belt for now, but she kicks butt in and out of work!

To read more about Dawn, visit her SIG bio page: https://sig-gis.com/sig-people/dawn-nekorchuk/ 





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