Dawn Nekorchuk

Dr. Nekorchuk is a medical geographer and geospatial analyst. She has an educational background in microbiology, epidemiology / public health, geographic information systems (GIS), One Health, and geography. Her previous academic research was focused on modeling and predicting mosquito-borne diseases and bringing in environmental data to enhance and increase accuracy of the disease forecasts. She was a lead R developer for the EPIDEMIA project for forecasting malaria in the Amhara region of Ethiopia, and a lead developer and liaison for the ArboMAP project for forecasting West Nile virus in South Dakota, Louisiana, Michigan, and Oklahoma. Both projects were applied science, and she worked closely with public health officials to develop products that were usable and useful to them. She is also involved with projects regarding education and training on Google Earth Engine, and wrote the Health Applications chapter in the ‘Cloud-Based Remote Sensing with Google Earth Engine: Fundamentals and Applications’ book. She also enjoys traveling and is looking forward to exploring Seattle, to where she has recently moved. She practices martial arts (tai chi and baguazhang), and she likes cooking and experimenting with new recipes.

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