Carl Rudeen, a Geospatial Analyst on SIG’s Natural Hazards team, is busy preparing for the annual Hummingbird Roundup at his family’s Idaho ranch. The Rudeen Ranch is home to countless birds. Three species of hummingbirds call the ranch home: Calliope, Broad-tailed, and Black-chinned.  A fourth species of hummingbird (Rufous) uses the ranch as a migratory stopover. The event identifies and bands hummingbirds, which are weighed and measured for wing, tail, and bill length, then given a drink and released.

Carl began his career as a wildlife biologist and started banding birds after a family friend began doing so years ago. The Rudeens have been banding birds for twenty-one years, and Carl has been a licensed bird bander since 2007. The annual educational roundup is free to the public. Those who attend will be lucky enough to see birds up close and personal, and may even have a chance to set them free by hand.

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