Anna Talucci, Ph.D., joined SIG earlier this year as an Ecologist and Geospatial Analyst on the Environmental Mapping team. Anna is an expert in and has a diverse array of experience in wilderness education and field ecology. Before joining the SIG team, Anna traveled to Antarctica to work as part of a field team in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica. The Dry Valleys are a small part of Antarctica not covered by ice. The team collected soil samples, installed longer-term sensors to monitor soil temperature and moisture, and collected drone imagery to investigate soil development in and around water tracks, which are areas where water is moving below the surface and above the ice table.

Anna is also an outdoor educator with a wilderness first responder certification, as well as a Leave No Trace educator certification. In her free time, she works with NOLS and Inspiring Girls Expeditions using these certifications to take care of participants and the land that the programs travel on. Inspiring Girls Expeditions is a program that, each summer, leads tuition-free multi-day expeditions for high school girls that interweave science, art, and backcountry travel led by professional women scientists, artists, and wilderness guides. With Inspiring Girls Expeditions, participants learned about fire ecology in interior Alaska Boreal Forests and the impact forest management, vegetation, and fuel conditions can have on wildfire activity. This background in wilderness education brings important insights to her work at SIG, where she’s supporting GIS efforts related to developing Google Earth Engine workflows for treatment simulation and fuel transitions for the Million Acre Strategy.

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