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A picture is worth a thousand words, but it helps to have the right picture for your application. That is why SIG is partnering with the University of Vermont-Spatial Analysis Lab to offer a full range of remote sensing and geospatial analysis services that includes the deployment of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). UAS provide an ideal solution for mapping and measuring smaller areas (50-2500 acres) – providing on-demand, extremely high-resolution imagery (~3.5cm) for a relatively low cost when compared to traditional remote sensing platforms. We fly a variety of cutting-edge, lightweight (<3 lbs), mapping-grade UAS equipped with digital sensors, GPS and other on-board flight control sensors. Our flight operations team consists of two to five trained staff, capturing up to 250 acres of imagery per flight. Depending on the complexity of analysis, product turnaround is usually within 24 hours. UAS is the perfect solution for on-demand collection of spatially accurate imagery and topographic data that can be used for a broad range of mapping, analysis and monitoring applications. Download a brochure describing our services and check out the video below to learn more about how UAS can be used for your project For more information, please email Shane Romsos at View the presentation below to

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learn more about using UAS systems for your project. Video courtesy of the University of Vermont-Spatial Analysis Lab  

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