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West Forest LLC, has undertaken the development of a composite wood panel production facility in northern California. As part of this initiative, and in collaboration with TSS Consultants, SIG joined the project to conduct a comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) life cycle assessment (LCA) analysis for specific wood products, including MDF, OSB, or particleboard. The primary focus of the analysis was to assess the emissions impact of wood composite panel (WCP) production, particularly its carbon sequestration balance, following standard LCA practices. Utilizing data inputs from TSS and West Forest LLC, including wood sourcing location, feedstock blend forecast, and silvicultural practices, the analysis evaluated the net effects of WCP production on GHG emissions. Factors considered encompassed the forest carbon cycle, wildfire dynamics, orchard removal carbon cycle, and fossil fuel GHG emissions resulting from the entire WCP production process. The final report details the differences in GHG emissions throughout the production and raw material procurement chain, both in-forest and in-orchard. Check out the final project report to learn more. 




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