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SIG: An environmental think-tank


Who we are

Founded in 1998, Spatial Informatics Group, LLC (SIG) is a group of scientists with expertise in environmental fields ranging from ecology and forestry to natural resource economics. Our goal is to help clients make informed and sound land-use and policy decisions by providing the best information possible in a world with shifting environmental baselines. We are a hybrid organization whose activities incorporate elements from academia, public policy institutes, and professional consulting. Our vision is to generate tools and services that can help corporations, non-profits, and government agencies become successful in the emergent green economy.

What we do

SIG uses state-of-the-art technology and spatial analytical methods to uncover new insights and provide guidance to tackle challenging problems in environmental science, ecosystem services and natural resource management. Our group offers an integrative analytical approach, combining spatial analysis with scientific, ecological and economic knowledge to understand the cumulative effects of management choices on the short and long-term stability of natural resources and ecosystem functions. SIG provides a wide range of geospatial services and products integrated with professional consulting services in areas such as ecology, forestry, risk and hazard management, environmental economics, and urban and regional planning. SIG works at all levels of a project. Depending on a client's needs, SIG can perform discrete tasks, or take charge of an entire project.

SIG specializes in five major expertise domains-Natural Hazards, Climate Change, Forests and Carbon, Ecosystem Services, and Environmental Mapping. Each of these domains are integrated through our team’s breadth of professional and academic experience.

Why choose SIG

The people at SIG are experts in using tools such as Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Remote Sensing, spatial data mining, and dynamic spatial modeling. Our analysts are also specialists in relevant fields such as landscape ecology and forestry. With experience in closely integrating spatial analysis with substantive research, SIG's team can grasp complex problems and apply the appropriate tools with minimal client time and support. At SIG we subject datasets to rigorous quality-control checks and have a demonstrated track record that meet or exceed client driven timetables with high-quality deliverables. SIG’s team is fully capable of managing large assignments and has extensive experience employing project management concepts and tools.

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