SIG has been collaborating with NASA (via SERVIR), SilvaCarbon, the US Forest Service, and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)’s OpenForis development team to bring their powerful Collect Earth desktop application to users everywhere. This new tool, called Collect Earth Online (CEO), allows users to crowd-source visual interpretations of satellite imagery from a variety of sources and track land use and landscape changes worldwide. The new platform is web-based, free of charge, open to all, requires no downloads or installation, and allows users to inspect any location on the Earth with satellite data.

CEO also provides access to historical imagery and mosaics from NASA’s Landsat network, the European Union’s Sentinel system as well as a variety of satellite data sources drawn from Google Earth Engine. The next generation tool makes it easier to conduct surveys, collect samples and use crowdsourcing techniques. All of the software developed by SIG, NASA, and FAO is freely available under a MIT License. CEO can be accessed by simply clicking and registering on the platform. Later in 2019, CEO will be integrated into SEPAL (System for Earth Observation Data Access, Processing and Analysis for Land Monitoring), FAO’s powerful cloud-based platform, making it easier to link reference data directly to processing chains for generating accurate and transparent maps, data and statistics.

This new tool will allow users to better manage disasters, monitor glaciers, and track re/deforestation better than ever before. And because it is open-source and cloud-based, data loss will be minimized and the user base can be maximized, bringing high-tech and useful solutions to parts of the world where they previously didn’t exist.