Atena Haghighattalab

Dr. Haghighattalab is a Geospatial Engineer, Digital Agriculture specialist, and a Project Manager on the Environmental Mapping team. Atena is dedicated to advancing innovation at the nexus of technology, remote sensing, agriculture, and food security. Holding a Master’s in Remote Sensing Engineering from Iran, and a Ph.D. in Geography from Kansas State University, she specializes in harnessing cutting-edge engineering technologies and remote sensing/geospatial techniques in environmental mapping. With substantial experience collaborating with academia, industry, startups, global nonprofits, and NGOs, Atena has effectively led initiatives aimed at implementing state-of-the-art solutions to tackle critical challenges within the precision agricultural sector.
She also enjoys hiking in nature and sailing. She practices meditation, yoga, and Yang Taichi. Atena has recently moved to Berkeley, CA, after finishing her 3 years of work with the University of Minnesota as the Phenomics Lead, where she initiated a phenotyping research center by collaborating with a diverse, multidisciplinary team of industry scientists, stakeholders, and faculties.




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