Noah Giebink

Noah (he/him) is a Data Scientist for environmental good. His work merges elements from his interdisciplinary background, in which he earned dual MS degrees in Information Science and Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Arizona. He’s navigated various data modalities and delivered diverse projects using techniques ranging from remote sensing and computer vision to natural language processing and Large Language Models (LLMs). He always loves to collaborate with others or tinker with new tools to find exciting insights in data. Noah is thrilled to continue innovating for environmental good and bridging the gap between science and software at Spatial Informatics Group.

Outside of work, Noah is a jack-of-all-adventures who enjoys running, cycling, cross country skiing, and virtually everything he’s tried outside. He enjoys sharing adventures with his partner Courtney, his dog Phoebe, family, and friends. He also enjoys roasting coffee, listening to music, and having a hearty laugh at live comedy.




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