Dr. Ate Poortinga lead two 4-day workshops on hydrology mapping using Google Earth Engine (GEE). The workshops were held in San Lorenzo, Paraguay and Bogor, Indonesia. Fifty two participants from different government and research institutions came together to build their capacity on hydrology mapping using tools available at GEE. The training was organized by the AMICAF-SCC project with the collaboration of Ate Poortinga, Senior Research Scientist at Spatial Informatics Group.

The training agenda included two days of introduction on the tools available on Google Earth Engine (GEE). GEE is a web-based JavaScript Application Program Interface (API) called the Code Editor. At this platform users can write and execute scripts to share and repeat geospatial analysis and processing workflows. Participants of the training explored the Code Editor platform and some basic programming concepts in JavaScript.

The last two days of the training focused on case studies related with surface water mapping, water accounting, and climate change. Case studies showed participants how high-resolution measurements of the distribution and dynamics of surface water can have many practical applications such as flood forecasting and warning, agricultural and urban water management and to project impacts of climate change on hydrological conditions.