Sunil Nepal

Sunil is a Biometrician for SIG Carbon. Sunil is broadly trained in forestry, geospatial technology, forest inventory, data management, visualization, and analysis and enjoys applying spatial and statistical techniques to understand and quantify forest resources. He enjoys analyzing and managing forest inventory data of a variety of sizes, formats, and inventory designs, and forecasting growth and yield the most.

His expertise includes data management, spatial and statistical analysis, data visualization, silviculture, forest inventory, US Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) database, and growth and yield model. He is a PhD candidate, pursuing PhD degree in Forestry, at the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences at Auburn University. His dissertation research combines field experiments, simulation modeling, and diverse spatial analyses to understand and quantify forest dynamics and forest health and inform natural resource management across small and large scales in the southern US.

Sunil has an MS in Forestry Sciences from Mississippi State University and a BS in Forestry from Institute of Forestry, Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He has more than nine years of working experience at the Department of National Park and Wildlife Conservation.

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