Paul Cousar

Paul has 25 years of experience working in timber management and investments, as a corporate forester.  He graduated from Colorado State University with a BS in forest management & business administration, and later with a MS in forest management with an emphasis on operations research, from Oregon State University.

For much of the first half of his career he worked as a consultant, developing forestry business and optimization software for, mostly, large PNW and CA timberland owners.  Projects included writing forest inventory systems with VB in Access; adding single tree thinning and final harvest optimization algorithms to regional growth and yield models; coding several spatial harvest scheduling models; and developing forest management plans and cash flow models.

Paul’s first project as a consultant was with the Sierra Nevada Ecosystem project in 1994/95.  He was responsible for incorporating fire modeling into optimized thinning regimes with the FVS model.  The results can be found here

Over the last 14 years Paul worked for both Hancock Forest Management (2.5 years) and Forest Capital Partners (9 years). These positions focused on planning systems development, but also the use of those models to develop management plans that provide robust estimates of timberland values. More recently, for the non-profit Climate Action Reserve, Paul developed an Access database application to store, manage and report on carbon stores in forest inventories.

Beyond work, Paul is an avid rock climber and mountain biker.  He also enjoys wood working and in the early 1990s he designed and built a custom post and beam home, of which about 95% of all the wood and plywood came from FSC operations.

Experience in:

  • Inventory database and reporting software
  • Growth and yield modeling and optimization
  • Management plan development
  • Spatial harvest scheduling
  • Cash flow development and reporting


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