Maggie Romo

Maggie’s educational background includes forest ecosystems, natural resource management,  climate vulnerability assessments, and geographic information systems (GIS). Maggie obtained her BS from the University of California, Berkeley, in Forest and Natural Resources and her MS from Oregon State University. Her thesis investigated the vulnerability of Oregon and Washington’s natural areas to climate change through climate envelope modeling and a qualitative risk assessment using ArcMap. Professionally, Maggie’s been managing numerous grants and monitoring projects for the Wildlife Conservation Board and California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW). Most recently, she was responsible for the implementation of CDFW’s Cannabis Restoration Grant Program (CRGP). This included the formulation and development of statewide policies and guidance for CRGP, and leading the strategic planning based on the directive of California’s Environmental Restoration and Protection Account pursuant to Revenue and Taxation Code section 34019(f)(2).

In her free time, she likes to horseback ride, hike, and go on adventures with her dogs.

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