SIG has been part of a two year partnership between the USAID LEAF project, and 12 separate universities across SE Asia, working to develop a series of training materials for university professors to teach a whole semester course in Low Emission Land Use Planning.

The materials have been developed, exercises and worked examples have now been trailed with more than 100 professors across the region. Access to the materials can be found here:

As part of the materials the SIG team also developed a “Role Play” scenario that is built around the 5 stages of the LELUP process. The role play incorporates 11 separate role play characters and five separate series of consultation, negotiation and compromise situations that are aimed at giving students a real life taste of what it’s like to sit in a sometimes tensioned meeting room with professionals from all walks of life and attempt to come to a consensus perspective, or at least a compromised pathway, to take positive steps toward a low emission land use plan.