Santosh Subedi

As a Senior Carbon Analyst, Santosh will be leading project development and maintenance of US forest carbon offset projects to ensure compliance with standards, methods, and protocols adopted by American Carbon Registry and California Air Resources Board. Santosh am a forest biometrician with expertise in growth and yield modeling, forest optimization, inventory data processing, model developments, forest soils, and ecophysiology of southern pine stands. Santosh has spent the past ten years working as a forest data analyst and a biometrician helping TIMOs, REITs, and private landowners in solving their environmental and financial issues.

Prior to joining SIG, Santosh was a senior biometrician for six years in a consulting firm based in the southeastern United States where Santosh lead its effort in growth and yield modeling and forest optimization. Santosh developed the growth and yield system and harvest schedule models for both forest operation group and forest appraisal group. Prior to this, Santosh worked at Virginia Tech as a post doctoral research associate where he researched Carbon and nutrients dynamics in the forest soils.

Santosh received a B.S. in forest science from Institute of Forestry at Tribhuvan University, an M.S. in silviculture and biometrics from the University of Georgia, and a Ph.D. in tree ecophysiology and forest modeling from Virginia Tech.

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