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Several SIG researchers, including Dave Saah, Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne, Qi Chen, Tadashi Moody, Travis Freed, Jason Moghaddas, and Gary Johnson, along USFS and PSW cooperators, have been working on several LiDAR based projects in Lake Tahoe. They include an assessment of fire hazard and risk in the wildland urban interface and riparian areas, assessing and mapping all live trees as part of a larger wildlife habitat assessment, and mapping all impervious surfaces. These projects all cover the entire terrestrial area of the Lake Tahoe Basin-over 200,000 acres!. The SIG team also launched 2 new projects, including one lead by Jarlath, to map all the aquatic features of the Lake Tahoe Basin using high resolution LiDAR Imagery. This project will also involve an extensive collaborative effort, lead by SIG researcher Ken Roby with support from the San Francisco Estuary Institute, to work with local agencies and stakeholders to update current Stream Environment Zone (“SEZ”) definitions. In addition, SIG is partnering with a local firm, Environmental Incentives, to assess potential effects of investments on restoration treatments on the overall well being, as measured by US Census data metrics, for communities around the Lake Tahoe Basin. (Photo, from left to right, SIG Researchers Travis Freed, David Saah, Ken Roby, and Jarlath O’Neil-Dunne)

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