Teal Richards-Dimitrie

Teal Richards-Dimitrie serves as the Chief of Staff to the Managing Principal supporting ideas, initiatives, and activities that create long-term value for the organization. She is a herpetologist by training with experience working on a wide range of wildlife and habitat projects. Teal is a skilled consensus builder and is the program manager of a multitude of SIG projects where ecological and climate modeling meet software development. She currently manages Planscape (planscape.org), Fire Factor (https://tinyurl.com/m256keur), our collaboration with the Climate and Wildfire Institute (https://climateandwildfire.org/) and a Joint Venture with the USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station programs.

Her previous role focused on expanding expertise in natural resources services as well as developing regional and national strategies for the future of a mid-size environmental consulting firm. Specifically, Teal focused on supporting client needs and markets that intersect with natural resources/wildlife ecology by providing expertise in high-quality site and species data collection, technical reporting, project management, and making recommendations for agency coordination. 

Teal holds a Master’s in Biological Sciences from Towson University. She also holds a bachelor degree in Biological Sciences with a Chemistry Minor.

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