Scott Muller

Austin_PhotoScott leads the Sustainable Cities Team at SIG. Scott has been designing and implementing practical projects for low emission development, urban sustainability and the valuation of ecosystem services for more than 15 years in “social-ecological hotspots” across the globe.  He works closely with municipal and national governments, local communities, indigenous groups and the private sector to identify interdisciplinary opportunities, traverse traditional boundaries and coordinate innovative approaches that are backed by strong analysis and planning. Scott graduated from Vanderbilt University where he studied environmental engineering.  In addition to his field work, he has been appointed as a technical expert with the UNFCCC, UNESCO, and the Secretariat Convention on Biological Diversity on issues of climate mitigation, urbanization, AFOLU, cultural heritage, historic urban landscapes, tourism development and the sustainable use of biodiversity.  Scott has also served as an official national government delegate for different multilateral environmental conventions and has published many key global reports, including collaborating as a lead author on the UN-supported Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and co-authoring the CBD Guidelines on Biodiversity and Tourism Development. From 2007-2012, Scott was the Director for the William J. Clinton Foundation’s Climate Initiative (CCI) – C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group in Lima, Peru; where he helped the city achieve massive emission reductions with short ROIs and critically important co-benefits.  He was recognized with the EuropeAid for Innovation award for a partnership with the Kuna that installed PV systems in 48 villages on small islands in their sovereign indigenous territory of Kuna Yala.  Currently, Scott serves on the steering committee of the LEDS Global Partnership, and co-chairs the working group on Sub-national Integration.   

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