Pete Kauhanen

Pete Kauhanen is an environmental scientist and planner who currently works at the San Francisco Estuary Institute as a GIS Project Manager. With over 9 years’ experience generating, obtaining, and analyzing GIS data for environmental projects, he has a background in watershed ecology, green infrastructure planning, habitat mapping, fire management, utilizing indigenous knowledge to achieve conservation goals, as well as large and small scale mitigation and conservation projects and initiatives. Pete Kauhanen also brings to SIG his knowledge from working with both national and local NGO organizations on projects as diverse as restoring salmon runs for watershed systems to creating nation strategies to promote more efficient and accountable mitigation. He earned both his BA and MA from Stanford University where his studies focused on ecology, behavioral ecology and environmental anthropology. For his Masters thesis he created a 10 year fire history for a section of the Western Desert of Australia to highlight the effects of the Australian Aboriginal Martu people on local ecology, habitat types, and predictive capabilities for biodiversity. His findings resulted in changing the prescribed burn policy of Western Australia’s Department for Environmental Conservation and have broad implications for fire management and climate change adaptation. Pete Kauhanen believes it is critical to maintain the intersection between science and conservation management policy.

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