Nishanta Khanal

Nishanta Khanal is an expert in the field of remote sensing and GIS. He completed his graduate studies from the University of Salzburg, Austria. He has extensive experience in the field of applied earth sciences such as landcover monitoring, urban sprawl mapping and drought monitoring. His main interests are to analyze geographical data using machine learning and AI. With SIG, he is involved in projects that leverage state-of-art technologies such as cloud computing (Google Earth Engine) and machine learning.

Before joining SIG, he was with ICIMOD where he got to work in close collaboration with the local partners as well as perform knowledge transfer of technologies. He has won multiple awards namely, SERVIR collaboration Award SAGE (2018), Best Poster Award Sage (2018), NASA Space Apps challenge (2014), etc. He also became a USAID/OFDA certified instructor in 2016. In his leisure, he loves to play team sports and play music. 

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