Kelly Cruce

Kelly Cruce is a climate change adaptation consultant and wildlife ecologist. She has worked with the preeminent Georgetown Law University Climate Center for over six years – supporting their adaptation initiatives through research and program development. As a manager and primary contributor to the Climate Center’s Adaptation Clearinghouse, her research encompasses every sector and viable adaptation resource available for this comprehensive database. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a BS in Biology, Kelly accrued over 15 years of field research focused solely on threatened and endangered wildlife populations. Specializing on rare carnivores and bird species, she has worked in a wide variety of biomes and wilderness ecosystems – including Patagonia, the Amazon and other rainforests, sthe Pacific Northwest, and the Sierra Nevadas. During this time, Kelly developed and directed multiple wildlife conservation non-profit organizations, and successfully funded many critical projects to protect endangered species. After over a decade of moving seasonally for prime research opportunities, Kelly finds herself fulfilled in the California Sierras and has begun conservation and climate adaptation projects locally.

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