Jarrett Barbuto

Jarrett Barbuto is a geospatial analyst and research scientist for SIG Carbon. Prior to joining SIG, Jarrett was a supervisory GIS technician at University of Vermont’s Spatial Analysis Lab, and a member of the Lab’s Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Team.

Jarrett is a FAA Certified UAS Pilot, and has completed over 50 UAS missions (from flight planning to data collection and processing to feature extraction and map production). Jarrett has been involved in a wide-variety of GIS projects, which have utilized different sources of remotely sensed data (e.g., multispectral, hyperspectral, and near-infrared), that mostly focused on the creation of high-resolution land cover maps. During his post-college gap years, Jarrett worked in mountain communication departments at Mt, Bachelor and Jackson Hole resorts, where he was responsible for posting daily snow condition reports.

He holds a BS degree in Environmental Science with a focus on Natural Resources at the University of Vermont.

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