Heather Ryan

A New Yorker based in San Francisco, Heather is passionate about building out product marketing at mission-driven companies. Prior to SIG, Heather focused on the application of software to the education and transportation industries, helping to deliver digital curriculum to teachers and students, and mapping tools to transportation planners. Leveraging a set of transferable skills, she also owned the launch and category-creating strategy for an artificial intelligence tool that accurately predicts sales forecasts. While in NYC, Heather founded a marketing consultancy. Functioning as an outsourced marketing department, she managed across design, demand generation, content and PR teams. The interweaving thread of her career has been a love of deep dive market assessment, development and iteration of GTM strategy, and achievement of product market fit. As a writer, she thoroughly enjoys constructing narratives to tell a compelling product story, and distilling complicated ideas into clear messages that people remember.

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