Heather Ryan

Heather has 15 years of experience in marketing and communications. She’s worked exclusively with mission-driven companies for the last five years. At SIG Carbon, she drives go-to-market strategy, and collaborates with clients to tell their story and better understand the environmental impacts of applying improved forest management practices to forests.

Prior to SIG Carbon, Heather specialized in finding product-market fit and developing GTM strategy at technology startups. She’s helped bring digital curriculum to market for teachers and students, provide design software to urban transportation planners, and deliver AI-driven technology for predicting revenue to sales teams.

Prior to moving cross-country to San Francisco, Heather founded a NYC-based marketing consultancy. She and her team functioned as an outsourced marketing department, managing across design, demand generation, content and PR teams to help early stage companies move into their next stage of growth. Heather also ran business development for the Intellectual Property Litigation practice at Ropes & Gray, one of the leading IP LItigation practices in the country. Fresh out of college, she was a financial journalist, writing about the corporate bond market.

A love for writing has been the common thread throughout her career, and she thoroughly enjoys distilling complicated ideas into clear messages that people remember.

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