Hayley Pippin

Hayley Pippin is a Geospatial & Remote Sensing Data Analyst for SIG’s Environmental Mapping team. She received a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics with a focus in Data Science from the University of California, Berkeley, where she conducted biology research at the neighboring University of California, San Francisco that examined calcium channel development in the brain. Prior to joining SIG, Hayley was the Senior Geoinformatics Fellow for the NASA DEVELOP National Program based out of Ames Research Center. Here, she led the Geoinformatics team in providing technical remote sensing, GIS, and coding assistance to more than 75 DEVELOP teams. She has experience working on remote sensing projects and developing tools in Google Earth Engine, particularly in the applied areas of coastal water quality and land cover change monitoring. Hayley has an interdisciplinary background, but has found her passion lies in the applied Earth sciences and is interested in applying her diverse skills in this field.

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