Felipe Borderas

    Felipe Borderas is a Forestry Engineer from the University of Huelva, Spain. Since 2005 he has developed his entire professional career, always linked to the extinction and prevention of wildfires, mainly in the whole Spanish geography. He has occupied most of the operational positions in the Incident Command System, from forest firefighter and foreman to Helitack Crew Boss, Operation Boss, Communications and Meteorology Technician, Air Operations Supervisor and Analyst as support to the Incident Commander. In prevention, he has worked in all the positions of the Prescribed Burn organization, from Torchman to Prescribed Burn Chief.

    Since 2011 he is a founding member of the Pau Costa Foundation, where he shares the leadership of the Training and Education Area. He works in the development of forest fire training plans for firefighters around the world and trains in matters such as the organization of major emergencies, the use of technical fire and fire analysis.

    Since 1999 he has been a Mountain Guide, developing his work in adventure activities such as caving, canyoning, paragliding and especially climbing, which has led him to travel around much of the world.

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