Dylan Kendall

Dylan has 25+ years experience working for fire, land and conservation management organisations across Australia where he has performed leadership roles in fire planning, research and operations.

He developed new approaches to fire planning and risk assessment, some of which, including spatial fire planning and Incident Action Plans on a page, are now used widely across Australia and the world.

Dylan has been the designer of a number of information management systems used in fire management. He is the designer of zirkarta, a real-time map based network centric system for use before, during and after fires that won three Australian national innovation awards.

Dylan has been a member of Australian national expert panels for predictive services, fire behaviour analysis, fire intelligence and prescribed burning.

Operationally, Dylan has planned and undertaken hundreds of prescribed burns and performed leadership roles in hundreds of wildfire suppression operations including in some of the most infamous fires in recent Australian history.

Dylan holds patents in Australia and USA and is a Forestry Honours graduate of the Australian National University where he was awarded the University Medal.

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