Dr. William Keeton

William Keeton is a Professor of Forest Ecology and Forestry at the University of Vermont’s Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources and an advisor to SIG Carbon. He directs UVM’s Carbon Dynamics Laboratory, is Chair of the Forestry Program, and direct’s the Vermont Forest Ecosystem Management Demonstration Project. Dr. Keeton received his BS in Natural Resources from Cornell University and his Masters in Conservation Biology and Policy from Yale University. He holds a Ph.D. in Forest Ecology from the University of Washington. His current research focuses on forest carbon management including modeling, climate change impacts on forest ecosystems, natural disturbance-based silvicultural systems, natural disturbance ecology, the structure and function of late-successional forest systems, forest-stream interactions, and forest biodiversity. Dr. Keeton served as a Fulbright Scholar in Ukraine and continues to work actively on sustainable forest management in Eastern Europe. He has been a P.I. or Co-P.I. on over 2.5 million in research grants and served as major adviser for 18 graduate students. His record includes over 70 publications (including more than 40 peer-reviewed journal papers).

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