Dr. David Ganz

David is an expert in forest science, policy and management who also has experience integrating forest and fire science with some of conservation’s most important new opportunities and emerging issues: sustainable livelihoods, climate change adaptation, ecosystem services, avoided deforestation and degradation, and community forestry. David has worked for United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) positioned at the Regional Community Forestry Center in Bangkok, Thailand. In his role with FAO, David managed a variety of projects focused on Southwestern China and Southeast Asia. More recently, he was a senior scientist in charge of forestry and fire science projects for TSS Consultants and vice president of international operations for the Renewable Energy Institute. Recent projects have included organizing and facilitating both the China E5 Biofuels Assessment and the Pinchot Institute’s independent science review of the Quincy Library Group pilot project. Dr. Ganz’s doctoral research in the Sierra Nevada looked at forest health and management implications of various prescribed burning and thinning treatments. More recently he has focused on facilitating processes in which local communities have substantial involvement in deciding the objectives and practices involved in preventing, controlling or utilizing fires. He has published more than 40 papers in technical journals with a primary focus in the fields of forest carbon science and management, fire science, ecosystem services, forest health, silviculture and community forestry.

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