Dr. Colin Beier

In addition to his role with SIG, Dr. Colin Beier is a Research Assistant Professor at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and an Affiliate Fellow of the Gund Institute of Ecological Economics at the University of Vermont. He is a systems ecologist focused on forest landscapes, their responses and resilience to multiple drivers of change (including climate, land use, invasives and pollution), and developing frameworks and tools for applying research to real-world decision-making. His climate research and decision-support work addresses the local and landscapes scale drivers and responses to climate change using a blend of field observations, high-resolution climate data and geospatial models. Dr. Beier is also the lead investigator and developer of the USDA-funded Forest Ecosystem Services Toolkit (FEST; www.forestecoservices.net), which quantifies the regulating services (water, air, climate, nutrients) of forest watersheds and the sustainability of forest management practices under future climate and pollution scenarios. He also conducts rapid landscape assessment of ecosystem services for resource management and land use planning. Dr. Beier and his collaborators also have several ongoing projects involving the application of open-source geoinformatics tools, such as web maps, for a range of topics including climate change, ecosystem services and regional land planning.

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