Dr. Charles Kerchner

ckerchnerDr. Kerchner has over twelve years of experience working in government, academia and the private sector on domestic and international sustainable forestry initiatives. At SIG, Charles leads the Forest Carbon Team and manages forest carbon offset projects that are part of a portfolio consisting of 475,000 acres and 3.3 million credits being verified under the Climate Action Reserve, California Air Resources Board and Verified Carbon Standard. His responsibilities include: inventory design; GIS analyses; carbon quantification; growth and yield modeling and managing project verification. He is also the lead carbon specialist for a Global Environmental Facility funded afforestation/reforestation project in the Dominican Republic. Prior to joining SIG, Dr. Kerchner worked as the Director of Forestry at AgRefresh, an environmental accounting firm, and a research assistant at the University of Vermont’s Carbon Dynamics Lab. Having worked as an agroforestry Peace Corps Specialist and development consultant, he has valuable international conservation experience related to payments for environmental services. Dr. Kerchner holds a B.A. from Lafayette College, an M.S. in Forest Economics from the University of Vermont, and a Ph.D. in Forestry from the University of Vermont.

To reach Dr. Kerchner: ckerchner@sig-gis.com or call 802-999-6986

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