Biplov Bhandari

Mr. Biplov Bhandari, is a social and humanitarian technology practitioner. Biplov earned his Bachelors of Engineering from Kathmandu University, Nepal. Prior, he worked as a GIS & Remote Sensing Developer for the Servir Mekong Project with ADPC.  He has also worked as Research Associate at Asian Institute of Technology, Geomatics Engineer at Kathmandu Living Labs and as consultant for Practical Action and Development Gateway. Biplov was awarded the Young Author Recognition, and the paper was awarded with the best paper by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Biplov and his team also won the International Space Apps Challenge Kathmandu 2014.

His interests lie in analyzing remotely captured satellite images, analyzing and deriving meaningful information out of them, and presenting them to the decision making organizations and the related audience. Some of the applications that he has worked on are the Regional Land Cover Monitoring System, Forest Monitoring System and the Regional Drought Monitoring System among many others using cloud remote sensing technologies including Google Earth Engine (GEE) etc. Additionally, he is a member and developer at Open Source Sahana Software Foundation where he develops, implements and evaluates the Location Based Early Warning System. Biplov has extensively supervised and trained in the community level mapping using OpenStreetMap. He has a strong passion for using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with applied Earth Sciences.

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