High-speed internet plays a significant role in today’s virtual economy – yet many rural communities through the United States do not have sufficient access. The Tahoe Prosperity Center (TPC) received a grant to develop geospatial information needed to identify communities within the Tahoe Region that are unserved or under-served by internet service providers. SIG was retained by TPC for this project to: 1) collect and map broadband service levels reported by internet service providers, 2) inform a broadband speed test survey (that measures actual upload and download internet speeds) for the Tahoe Region, and 3) conduct analysis to compare broadband speed test survey results (actual broadband speeds) against service levels reported by internet service providers. In addition to identifying and mapping under-served communities, SIG is also mapping the locations of existing and planned cellular towers (in the context of regulatory constraints) in order to maximize cell phone service coverage in the region. The ultimate goal of the Connected Tahoe Project is to help fuel economic development of Tahoe Region by providing high-speed broadband internet and cellular services throughout the Tahoe Region.