SIG was the lead designer and training delivery manager for the creation of the ASEAN Fire Management Planning Training course materials. This work was completed in collaboration with the US Forest Service (including a co-planner and trainer from the US), GEC and was funded by the USAID LEAF project.

The course development was in response to a recognition that across the ASEAN region there are very few written fire management plans and few people have the background knowledge and experience to write a holistic integrated fire management plan for a landscape. This course is aimed at being relevant to the peatland ecosystems as well as mineral soil ecosystem. The course can be tailored for private companies, government land agencies as well as NGO / CSO partners who integrate with communities more closely.

GEC is the ASEAN host for the training materials and you can contact them to develop a targeted program for your organisation and find out a cost to deliver this on site at your locality. For contact please email Faizal Parish and the combined services of GEC and SIG fire management planners will support your needs.